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Study Guitar at Home

Do you want to study guitar at home on your own time schedule? I suggest using a good guitar software program. You can learn the guitar, or improve your playing in a very short time. Guitar music is very complicated on paper and most people are not interested in learning to play guitar sheet music….

Candlestick Crash Course Review

Candlestick charting techniques have been used for a long time by financial traders in the business and finance industry to accurate forecast near term price movements of different trading products. The Candlestick Crash Course is about teaching members how to use candlestick patterns to make money from trading various financial markets. This type of technical…

APEC Finance and Development Program

APEC Finance and Development Program (AFDP), an initiative proposed by China, aims to strengthen capacity building in the APEC region through the mechanism of the APEC Finance Ministers Meeting. Through financing research, organizing forum and providing training courses, the Program boosts the capacity of the APEC Economies in the fields of finance and development and…